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Jul 17, 2011 9:00pm EDT
no allegations directly linking andy coulson to illegal behavior. it did not shed any further light on the issue of phone hacking. imad the editor of the guardian the very next month and he did not raise meat -- rates with me once. i'm at 10 a year later, and he did not raise that either. if this information is so significant, why have i not been asked one question about it? the reason why a, the reason why, the reason why, mr. speaker, it did not add anything to the assurances that i was given. if i was lied to, if the police relied too, it would be a matter of regret and a matter of criminal prosecution. >> anybody might think it was an orchestrated noise that was taking place. order, the house will come to order. >> andy coulson had hired a man, and jailed for seven years, for criminal conspiracy to make payments to the police on behalf of "news of the world." this evidence cast serious doubt on his assurances as an isolated example of illegal activity. the prime minister says the chief of staff is not pass on this very serious information. can he now tell us what information he proposes to t
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT
of questions. there was questions about his decision to hire andy coulson as his media chief. >> the right hon. gentleman. >> a stormy session in parliament. david cameron rallied his party as he deflected criticism. he has announced an inquiry into the phone hacking affair. at the heart of the scandal, there are questions about the cozy relationship between the police come and media, and politicians in britain. >> i am the first prime minister to publish meetings between senior executives, private tears -- proprietors. this stretches right back to the general election. >> it was his decision to fire the former "news of the world," editor andy coulson that is drawing the most criticism. there are questions about whether andy coulson knew about the illegal activity on his watch. >> he was caught in a tragic conflict of loyalty between the standards and integrity that people should expect of him and his staff and his personal allegiance to andy coulson. he made the wrong choice. >> you don't make decisions in hindsight, you make them in the present. you live and you learn and to believe you me,
Jul 8, 2011 1:00am PDT
together, three or four meetings this last christmas. >>> we are getting news that andy coulson, head of communications for david cameron who resigned from that job, just arrived at a london police station. there has been a lot of newspaper speculation that coulson could soon be arrested within days over his role in the phone hacking affair. we'll continue to follow that side of the story and bring you up to date when we get more details. despite the sordid revelations and the closure of the newspaper, the share police of the parent company, news corporation, has not suffered much at all. it was on the rise, actually, until the fresh allegations came in. now, when there was a fall on wednesday, that went into nurse. news corp stock continued to slide before it ended 3.8% down on its price before the scandal brok broke. >> on the nasdaq on thursday, news corp shed less than a quarter of 1%. investors are not too scared about the bombshell announcement. the reason is the paper accounts for very little of news corp's earnings, despite the fact that it's the uk's biggest selling newspaper
Jul 8, 2011 6:00pm PDT
head of communications, andy coulson, has been released on bail after being arrested on allegations of phone hacking. in the latest development, and an unnamed man became the third man to be arrested in the past 24 hours as part of the investigation. scotland yard says he was questioned on suspicion of corruption. our political editor reports. >> can you tell us what happened? >> what happened, the cops nikced cameron's man. >> are you the fall guy for this scandal? >> he was arrested and questioned for nine hours at the police station today on suspicion of conspiring to intercept the indications and corruption's. his former boss had thought that the stand would disappear. instead, it exploded in his face. the prime minister decided to plead guilty for failing to take seriously the epidemic of phone hacking. >> we turned a blind eye to the need to sort this issue and to get on top of the bad practices, to change the way our newspapers are regulated. we have not gripped this issue. >> there was mitigating circumstances. they wanted the papers to help him win. >> their relationship be
Jul 20, 2011 7:30am EDT
of andy coulson while he was heading the government media service. will the prime minister confirm that a year ago during the period when mr. coulson was director of communications, the cabinet secretary was alerted to evidence of illegal phone hacking, covert surveillance and hostile media briefing directed against a senior official in the government service, what action, if any, was taken to investigate what appears to have been disgraceful and illegal conduct close to the heart of government? >> well, i have to look very closely what the honorable gentleman says but the point i've made and i've never seen any evidence to go against it is that in the period that andy coulson worked at number 10 downing street as head of communications that there was no complaint about the way he did his job. now, i fully accept -- i take responsibility for employing him. i take responsibility for that decision. and i've laid out very clearly today what i think of that now and all that has been learned and you have to learn these lessons if you're going to go on and get things right for the future
Jul 20, 2011 7:00am EDT
want to listen to what the prime minister to say. >> and he asks questions about andy coulson, no one has raised a single question about his conduct at number 10 downing street and there was only one party with a news national executive with a cloud in his head sitting in his office. third question, the questions he raising about my chief of staff edward luellen. is he honestly saying when it comes to the proposed meeting with the john yates is the leader of the opposition suggesting that he knows better than the chairman of the home secretary than the cabinet secretary than john yates and paul stevenson and all these people including jeremy hayward who by the way who worked diligently for tony blair and gordon brown. is he saying all those people are wrong and he's right? let me just answer the question about sir paul's resignation. i know he set out his resignation in detailed evidence and explained how the situation was so different to the situation in number ten downing street. most of the questions i had asked i had already answered. the role of the chief of staff answered. the r
Jul 20, 2011 6:00pm PDT
defended hiring andy coulson but he said that in hindsight he would not have made the same choice. this report contains flash photography. >> a french in need -- a friend in need is a friend. they become a massive headache. david cameron has always defended his decision to give andy coulson a second chance. >> with 20/20 hindsight, i would not have offered him the job and i expect he would not have taken it. you don't make decisions in hindsight, you make them in the present. you live and you learn, believe you me, i have led. >> the prime minister said he was extremely sorry. what he -- was he ready to say sorry for hiring him? >> if it turns out that i had been lied to, that would be a moment for a profound apology. >> few expected him to go that far. >> that is not good enough. this is not about hindsight, mr. speaker, it is not about whether mr. colson lied to him, it is about all the information that the prime minister ignored. >> there was questions about the prime minister's other choice of friends. there was many meetings with news international bosses with rebekah brooks
Jul 18, 2011 5:00am EDT
-- in terms of andy coulson, no one has argued that the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government. he then left government. there is a contrast, i would say, with the situation at the metropolitan police where clearly at the metropolitan police, the issues have been around whether or not the investigation is being pursued properly, and that is why i think sir paul reached a different conclusion. so i don't believe the two situations are the same same in any shape or form. i think if you look at what the british government has done, it has been very decisive in setting up the judicial inquiry, making sure the police investigation is properly funded and carried out and being transparent in all of the press contacts we've had, and in answering questions from parliament and others, and that's why i'm asking for parliament to sit an extra day on wednesday so i can make a new statement, adding to the details of the judicial inquiry, answering any questions that come up from today's announcement or indeed from tomorrow's announcements, because what th
Jul 8, 2011 5:00am EDT
of the world." he said he takes full responsibility also for making the paper's former editor, andy coulson, the director of communications and expects to be judged on that. while there are reports that mr. coulson will be arrested, let's go live now to the news conference in downing street. >> and that isn't just about relationships with news international. that applies to everybody. and i think that's where we really need -- and i think that's where we have a genuine opportunity. this is, if you like, a sort of cathartic moment for politicians to say we're going to have these inquiries, they're going to be difficult for everybody to learn the lessons of, they're going to come out hopefully with a new way of regulating the press that ensures press freedom but also press responsibility, and then the politicians are going to step up to the plate and stop, frankly, just trying to curry favor with the media, but instead regulate properly so that actually we have a better situation. this is a huge opportunity if we get it right. the point i make about this is there are proper organizations and
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Jul 19, 2011 10:00am PDT
coulson during the sheraton case? >> i think andy was -- andy coulson was in downing street during the sheraton case so i would have had. >> did you have direct contact a? email, letter -- >> i would have had contact. >> email? just a conversation? >> it was mainly to do with work, and by email or by telephone. >> just of couple of final questions. why were you paying andy coulson's legal fees and glen mulcaire's legal fees during the sheraton case? >> as i understand it i know james murdoch could address this. when andy coulson left the "news of the world" he had an agreement that all matters relating to this. his legal fees, were paid. and i think the same for clive good man. on glen mulcaire his legal fees would be paid when he was a codefendant in the civil cases. >> are you aware of any payment to police officers. >> no. >> okay. >> i have questions about the milly do yo dowler. "news of the world" during milly dowler ab suction and murder. i have specific questions i'd like to ask you about this. could you paint a picture for us about how a newspaper like the "news of the wor
Jul 20, 2011 8:00pm EDT
and the fantastic job they do. >> the prime minister said he was given credible information regarding andy coulson, he would have done something about it. when you receive that letter in october, what did he do? >> a lot the information that came out while he was working at downing street comment that was a private conversation about what this new evidence that he knew about some hacking. if he does, he would have to go. ap did not, he would not. in the end, because there were so many allegations and because he would not able to get on with this job, he left. the second chance that i gave them did not work. . isn't -- the decision to appoint him was mine. the contact that he had is not something that is under question. i think it would be better if we spend our time time to curl up -- to clear of the illegality that took place. >> there must be a widespread agreement that it is imperative that the police and the media at start to clear up their own mess. it is time that police officers stopped divulging details and the press stop printing those details and engaging in a feeding frenzy that destroy
Jul 8, 2011 2:00am PDT
. former director of communications, andy coulson, expected to be questioned by investigators today. he had been an editor at "news of the world." and the labor leader says the prime minister made an appalling error of judgment in hiring coulson. the paper is printing its final edition sunday aimed -- this is all amid claims it hacked into the voicemails of various people. people including celebrities, politicians, terror victims, even a murdered teenager. >>> a man accused of murdering a 75-year-old south dakota woman says he schemed to assassinate president obama. 41-year-old james mcveigh is being held in wisconsin for a mental evaluation after telling officers and reporters that stabbing the woman of his first step in the assassination plot. he says he wanted to steal her car, kicking off a murderous multistate roadtrip that would eventually end in d.c. with the death of the president. the secret service says it's been aware of mcveigh since 2009. >>> and the "boston globe" is reporting that before president obama was born, his father talked about giving him up for adoption. now the art
Jul 19, 2011 2:00pm EDT
as a news spokesman and suggested that it be andy coulson, and -- >> i read that. >> and what was your reaction to that story? >> well, it is matter of public knowledge that it was george osborne osborne's, the chancellor's idea that when andy coulson left that they stop discussions with him as an appropriate person to go into the hq, and the first time i heard of him being approached was from andy coulson and not the prime minister. >> so you have no conversation with david cameron who was not the prime minister at the time. >> the piece you are talking about, the ansr is no. the allegation which i have read is that i told the prime minister to hire andy coulson and that is not true. never was true and the idea came from george osborne. >> so you had no conversation with david cameron about andy coulson being suitable for that position? >> no. >> none whatsoever? >> no. obviously, you are talking about about before his appointment? >> yes. >> no. >> and you presumably would in a social context swap gossip with david cameron when you would meet, and that gossip could actually be having
Jul 18, 2011 5:00pm PDT
you is from 2003. watch closely. brooks testifying with andy coulson. coulson went on to become david cameron's spokesman and has since resigned and has been arrested in the scandal. >> can i ask, the one element if you ever pay the bliss for information? >> we have paid police for information in the past, and it's been -- >> will you do it in the put? >> it depends on -- >> within the code and within the law, there is a clear public interest and the same holds for private detectives, subterfuge. >> it's illegal for police officers to receive payments. >> no, no, no. i just said within the law. >> this is not only the beginning of the scandal. it's the beginning of the news corporation's attempts at damage control. coulson stepping in to blunt brooks' answers. i spoke with the other british whistleblower about the death of sean hoare and about the spread of allegations of illegal practices up the chain of command at news corp. here are the other stories we're digging into tonight, first. >>> deadline, do they know what the word means in washington? two weeks to go, no compromise in si
Jul 19, 2011 12:30am PDT
. >> the prime minister is unable to show that leadership because of the decision he made to hire and the -- andy coulson in the first place, and to answer questions about bringing him to the heart of downing street, and his inexplicable failure to apologize for this terrible error of judgment. >> speaking before the news of yates' resignation, david cameron said there was no comparison between his behavior and that of the metropolitan police. >> i do not believe the situations are the same in any shape or form. in terms of andy coulson, no one has argued the work he did in government in any way was inappropriate or bad. he worked well in government. he then left government. there is a contrast in the situation where clearly at the metropolitan police the issues have been around, whether or not the investigation is being pursued properly. >> tonight, the phone hacking inquiry is making more headlines. police officers are at the home of the reporter, who was now found dead tonight, after telling folks to he had been pressured to hack phones. his death is being described as unexplained, but not sus
Jul 8, 2011 12:30am PDT
coulson -- showed andy coulson had authorized payments to police for information. either he or news international did not tell the truth. >> discovering the truth could take months. today, britain pose a military families became the latest group to erupt -- britain's military families became the latest group to erupted in anger. it has been released that some of them may have had their voice mails intercepted. initially, no family scheme for reducing that police had warned them they might be victims. even the allegation was enough for the british royal legion to pull out of its fund-raising with the news of the world. >> we felt that until these allegations have been investigated, we ought to suspend working with news international. >> police are investigating the case of a man killed in afghanistan. according to his father, e-mail messages he received after his death have been read, he suspects by hackers. >> the need to be called to account for what they have done and to suffer whatever punishment is appropriate. i'm sure that will happen, but it is going to take time. >> he is li
Jul 8, 2011 2:30pm PDT
arrested two, among them andy coulson. we have the latest. >> the scandal is not going away. it embraces the press, the police, and the politicians. as he tries to fight the damage, david cameron began his press conference with and admission break the political class could have done more to stop it. >> party leaders were so keen to win the support of newspapers, we turned a blind eye to the need to sort this issue. to get on top of the bad practices to change the way our newspapers are regulated. it is a bit like -- the people in power new things were not right. >> around the time the prime minister was speaking, at this former editor of "news of the world" was arrested by police. andy coulson was his communications guru. the prime minister is facing growing calls to explain while he shows to hire a man. >> he resigned because of the things that happened on his watch. i decided to give him a second chance and no one has ever raised serious concerns about how he did his job for me. the second job did not work out and he had to resign all over again. the decision to hire him was mine, and
Jul 19, 2011 2:30pm PDT
in his ears and say that i don't know what anyone will have to tell me about andy coulson. each time there is another meeting -- move and the story, david cameron will have a lot to answer. >> we have seen the fallout and this is felled around the world. people tune in to watch the murdoch testimony. -- we have seen the fallout and this is being felt around the world. the news corp. shareholders, do they have confidence in rupert murdoch? i see that shares closed up in news corp.. >> i think was a good day for the murdoch's. there was a lot of questions, would this be a huge disaster. they came away with that when any damage to themselves. i thought that james murdoch gave a very strong performance. he stayed on script in the face of tough questioning. he was apologetic to the families and victims of the hacking scandal. he said again and again that we set up a compensation committee for the victims. for he looked confident without seeming arrogant. i think he did a good job. >> you think that he can still succeed rupert murdoch? >> i think that he has a long way to go. he is not out
Jul 19, 2011 4:00pm PDT
street about andy coulson's relationship with a detective who is facing charges for axe murderer. consequently, he was -- consequently, the trial collapsed. the general picture here is that david cameron was putting his fingers in his ears and saying i don't want to know what anyone has to tell me about andy coulson. if it happens that he is charged and goes to court and if he's convicted, each time there is another move and the story, david cameron will have a harder and harder question to answer. >> the fallout from the scandal is being felt around the world. people tune in to day to watch the murdoch's testimony. joining me to discuss the impact is the media reporter for the "new york times." the did the murdoch's do well enough to stay in charge of their own companies? >> i spoke to some wall street analysts to said yes, this was says good as that -- as it could have gone. every statement made with them and comparing them to their record and to whatever sources they are saying. for one day, it was a pretty good day for the murdoch's. >> could james murdoch be the heir apparen
Jul 8, 2011 7:00am EDT
in the press and almost doing a mea culpa. he still -- the question of andy coulson and why he hired him in the first place. he was asked time and time again what specific conversations he had with andy coulson. distanceng to put some between his former communications and himself. >> also, top people at the news international empire, including rebecca brooks. she's a former editor of "news of the world." did mr. cameron give a signal about her? >> that's the interesting part of this paris conference -- of this press conference. he did call for her to quit, but he did it in a clever way. said that if he was rupert murdoch, he would have expected her resignation yesterday. he's careful to not get involved in the running of a private company. he was effectively calling for her to go. the only problem for mr. cameron here is that the opposition has been calling for her to go for days. it does make the prime minister look like he is a bit behind the curve. >> mr. camera and talking about changing the political pollster -- mr. cameron was talking about changing the political culture. >> he mad
Jul 11, 2011 5:00am EDT
's a slight difference between her and andy coulson. she is accused of presiding over the hacking of milly dowler's phone, but right now it's not clear whether that actually happened or not. with andy coulson, he resigned as editor of "news of the world" once the court ruled the hacking had taken place and sentenced those responsible. and so that hasn't happened with the milly dowler, but still a lot we don't know. that's the difference, why rebekah brooks is still in her job and andy coulson isn't. >> sorry to interrupt, but jeremy hunt, the secretary, is due to arrive to ofcom. do you think rupert murdoch would pull out of the u.k. if he didn't get the deal? >> i don't think he would sell his british newspapers and go home. he loves newspapers, mr. murdoch. it's really in his blood. and it must have gutted him to close "news of the world," but he's still got a very successful business here. broadcasting is now his main focus. but i would be amapesed if he basically quit. >> ok. thanks very much indeed for coming in. after weeks of stalemate, libyan rebels in the town of misratah are figh
Jul 21, 2011 2:00am EDT
honorable friend, the prime minister said if he was given credible information regarding andy coulson, he would have done something about it. so will he now answer my question from my right honorable friend when he received that letter in october, what did he do? >> the answer that all the information that came out while andy coulson was working at number 10 downing street there was a permanent conversation, if you like, about was this new evidence that he knew about phone hacking? if it was, he would have to go. if it wasn't, he wouldn't. that is the key point but in the end, let me just answer this way, in the end because there were so many allegations and because he wasn't able to get on with his job, he left. the second chance i gave him didn't work. now, we can go this a million times but in the end the decision to appoint him is mine for which i've taken full responsibility. the conduct that he had at the number 10 downing street is not something that's under question so i think it would be better if we spent our time working how we're going to clear up the illegality that's taken p
Jul 19, 2011 1:00pm EDT
and there was no such retrieval. >> have you had any contact with andy coulson during the sheridan case? >> during the sheridan case? >> i think andy was -- andy coulson was in downing street during the sheridan case. so i would have had some contact. >> no direct contact, no emails or letters? >> i said i would have had contact. >> there are no emails just a conversation? >> it would have been manly to do with work, but by email or by telephone. >> just a couple more questions. why would the news of the world, why were you paying andy coulson's legal fees and mull kair's legal fees? >> as i understand it, i know james murdoch addressed this, when andy coulson left the news of the world, he had an agreement that all matters relating to this his legal fees were paid. and i think the same for clive goodman. on glen mullclaire, i think it was when his legal fees would be paid when he was a codefendant in these civil cases. >> are you aware of any payment to police officers? >> no. >> none. >> i'd like to ask some questions about the dowda case. you were editor of news of the world during the period of the abducti
Jul 20, 2011 3:00pm EDT
head of communications and former "news of the world" editor andy coulson. >> of course, i regret and i'm extremely sorry about the furor it has caused. with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, i would not have offered him the job, and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it, but you don't make decisions in hindsight. you make them in the present. you live rand you learn, and believe you me, i have learned. >> and confront the conservative cameron, the opposition did. >> he was warned, and he preferred to ignore the warnings so that the country can have the leadership we need. why doesn't he do more -- why doesn't he do more than give half an apology and provide the full apology now for hiring mr. coulson and bringing him into the heart of downing street? >> well, for more on today's emergency hearing, i'm joined now by itn reporter sally biddulph. how did he do and what's your assessment? were things better or worse after things were done? >> well, rich, the consensus here in the uk is that david cameron actually did pretty well today. it was a difficult session for him in parli
Jul 20, 2011 5:30pm PDT
pressure for a full-scale apology for hiring andy coulson david cameron edged towards one and he said people wouldear the full genuine article if andy coulson was found to have lied. >> i have an old fashioned view about innocent until proven guilty. but if it turns out i've been lied to that would be a moment for a profound apology. and in that event i can tell you i will not fall short. people will of course make judgements about it. of course i regret and i am extremely sorry about the furore it has caused with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed i would not have offered him the job and i expect that he would not have taken it. but you don't make decisions in hindsight. you make them in the present. you live and you learn, and believe you me i have learnt. >> that isn't good enough. because people, people, it's not about hindsight mr. speaker. it's not about whether mr. coulson lied to him. it's about all the information and warnings that the prime minister ignored. >> reporter: labour says the prime minister should have turfed andy coulson out of number ten in september last
Jul 13, 2011 2:00pm PDT
in the pack is an andy coulson. >> he just doesn't get it. he just doesn't get it. i say this to the prime minister -- he was warned by the deputy prime minister about hiring andy coulson. he was warned by lord ashdown by hiring andy coulson. he's now admitted in the house of commons today that his chief of staff was given complete evidence which contradicted andy coulson's previous accounts. >> on wednesday, sensationally as the house of commons was about to debate rupert murdoch's controversial takeovered by for the british broadcaster bskyb, rupert murdoch abruptly walked away from the table acknowledging theed by was impossible in the current clima climate. suggesting that the a.c.led ho -- holds he could come back again. with talk in the u.s. that news corp may be viewed there for bribing police from the foreign services act. there's speculation he may come back to the table at a future date. he desperately does want to get his hands on that broadcaster bskyb. we'll have to see if he comes back to play another hand. wolf? >> dan rivers from london. thank you. and dan mentioned the pos
Jul 19, 2011 1:00am PDT
" has been found dead. sean ward said andy coulson hacked into phones. police are not treating the death as suspicious. >>> a u.s. official says a meeting between the u.s. and libya at the weekend was meant to deliver one message, that moammar gadhafi must go. libya called the face-to-face talks in tunisia a first step. the u.s. says the meeting was a one-off event. >>> the women's world cup team soaked up the limelight after bringing japan its first cup title. japan's the first asian nation with a world cup championship. those are the headlines. auto' jane verjee at cnn in london. "world business today" starts now. >> a very good afternoon to you from cnn hong kong, i'm alicia tank. >> good morning from cnn london. you're watching "world business today." time to testify, news corp boss rupert murdoch, his son james and ex-news international chief rebekah brooks will prepare to face british legislators. >>> two giants of tech as ibm powers ahead but cisco loses its way. >>> and banks lead the losses as debt ditherring continues to drag the world stock markets. >>> rupert murdoch's power
Jul 20, 2011 2:00pm EDT
andy coulson as his communications director. coulson was one of the first people arrested over the hacking scandal within rupert murdoch's media empire. >> with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed, would i not have offered him the job, and i expect that he wouldn't have taken it. >> cameron says he regrets his decision to hire coulson and once again denies claims that his staff tried to stop an investigation into the phone hacking. more live from london with the latest. so does this get the heat off of the prime minister? >> reporter: well, tamron, it's been an incredibly difficult day for david cameron, but the consensus here in the uk is that he dealt with it pretty well. he tackled the question of why he hired andy coulson, the former editor of "news of the world" as his communications director and he didn't exactly apologi apologize. he said, of course, i regret it and i'm sorry for the furor it's called. >> the opposition leader didn't like what he said saying it showed him a catastrophic error in judgment but as a counter if it had ever come to light that andy couls
Jul 8, 2011 5:30pm PDT
of control. >> reporter: when andy coulson was editor of "the news of the world," the paper he ran destroyed people's lives. >> i'm afraid i can'n'say anymore at this stage. >> reporter: arrested this morning, facing charges of perjury, bribing police, hacking people's phones in search of scoops. andy coulson is also uncomfortably the former spokesman of british prime minister david cameron, who, today, scrambled to distance himself. >> but press freedom does not mean the press should be above the law. >> reporter: but "the news of the world" w w, which is why the famous and the powerful in britain have feared and loathed the tabloid for years. case in point? remember when sarah ferguson was caught selling access to prince andrew? >> 500,000 pounds when you can, to me -- open doors. reporter: and this headline. when prince harry angered his girlfrfrnd by visiting a strip club. how did the paper know? they eavesdropped on the prince's voicemail. >> you have to get the story at all costs. you go and do anything. >> reporter: even breaking the law? >> absolutely breaking the law. >> reporter: a
Jul 18, 2011 2:30pm PDT
, that andy coulson had created at "news of the world," a culture where getting the story became the the most important thing. >> do we know any more about the circumstances of his death? >> well, what we know so far is that the police describing this as an unexplained death. they are saying they're not treating it as suspicious but a colleague working here at the bbc in london did speak to shawn hall about ten days ago within we know he was fairly badly seriously ill at that time. but the police this evening saying it's an uncomplained death not being treated as suspicious but their investigations continue tonight. >> well, all of this comes on the eve of rupert and james murdoch's highly anticipated appearance before british lawmakers tomorrow. for more about the fallout this is having on the media empire itself, i'm joined by "vanity fair" contributing editorer -- editor sarah, who offered "war at the wall street journal," an account of that newspaper's takeover. thank you for ginning us. -- joining us. how damaging are the latest resignations for the police and british government and give
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